Mystery snail humor

Let me give you a little background. I keep a tropical fish tank at home and have for over five years now kept a snail called a mystery snail in these tanks. Unlike some over the other fish i have kept i have seen the entire life cycle of these little guys. I have raise them from young babies all the way until adult hood.
I have an seen the delightful personalities these little guys have, but non have stood out to me as much as this one little snail. A few months ago i bought a couple new mystery snails after taking some time off from them, i found i missed my hard shell friends. I got two browns, two yellows and three blue shell snails. Well my yellow shelled friends have proven to be quite the escape artists, but with a twist. One of the two yellows, constantly bugging the female snails. Just a day after i discovered the females had laid eggs i found the yellow male snail on my floor booking it away from the fish tank. Used to my escaping snails from the past, i picked him up rinsed him off and placed him back in the tank, this time taking note of his possible escape route.
A few days later after doing a bed check, i noticed both yellow snails missing this time and a brown one. Sighing i found one brown near the tank…sadly her shell cracked and despite my damage control she passed. I found Mr troubles my yellow snail under an old door stop i had. He had been there for a few days so i put him in a small bucket of water. The third yellow snail to this day remains unfounded. Learning from this i sealed off the escape routes of the tank.
A few weeks later one of my blue snails started to lay eggs, and sure enough my very lucky yellow snail pushed is
Way out of the tank once again. This time it was the middle of the night and he made a loud thud waking me out of a sound sleep. This time i laughed, how could you not, every time the girl snails lay eggs my yellow boy books it out of the tank. I have tried to see him in but he appears to be clever on top of that.
This little guy i think has become my favorite i don’t know why but he is just such a clever and determined snail

My little trouble maker snail

My little trouble maker snail

Update: sadly this snail has passed away from natural causes on dec 25th


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