My Top Ten Favorite Pokèmon

Pokèmon came to the united states as i was just entering the world of high School, i however did not pick up my first game until yellow, because i did not have to make a choice on my starter (i mean really who could choose between Squirtle Charmander or in my opinion the vastly under appreciated Bulbasaur, i vastly enjoyed the game and have been a fan of the series ever since.

With each passing Generation i found Pokèmon i liked, once i could use straight though the game, then put away and the simple few i refuse to go a game without having them by my side. The Following is my list of the top 10ish favorite pokèmon.

This list is based on my personal opinion and is comprised on frequency of use reliability and my absolute love of the pokèmon (What I am a Girl, I am allowed.)

First my honorable mentions, pokèmon i have used in the past..probably will go to but just not as go to as some of the others.

Lugia , Raiku, Suicune, Latias, Garitina, Kyogre, Bulbasaur, Palkia and Tryanitar. I Know what the heck is she thinking…but without Further adu my top ten.

10: Zapdos: Although i don’t use this bird as much as i did in the past my Zapdos (Zappy) was usually a force to contend with, safe from ground and a sharp beak that made many, many grass Pokèmon cry this bird was my favorite of the legendary trio, and for generations i cleared a spot for, however now a days zapdos just isn’t used as much anymore with newer electric pokèmon and some of my later favorites being able to learn electric it just doesn’t make sense for this old favorite to continue…however recently running though the dark tower i was looking for a dedicated Electric and was quickly reminded of my love for my old Friend.

9: Metagross: This little guy (well i guess you really can;t say little) comes to players at near the end half of Sapphire after you beat the elite four once. starting off at first as a pretty useless arm, (yeah for a while they it was contenting with magikarp) it soon evolved into a better and then even better Pokèmon. Since then the fact this guy can take a hit makes him especially valuable for me, i tend to like creatures with more defense over the one strikers with a few exceptions to that rule. However its Vunablity to ground moves often keeps him off my team, a shame really because he is one bad ass um spider?

8 Dugtrio: Speaking of Strike fighters, dugtrio is a very early favorite of mine. Their incredible speed and powerful move set made her for quite a while a necessary part of my team…however with its high speed comes the sacrifice in my opinion of defense and while its a very powerful early game pokèmon, i find as my foes get stronger Dugtrio falls faster making it sadly loosing a place in my teams. Still when ever i see this little guy the inner me part starts to squeal just a little bit, making it an easy pick for my top ten.

7: Umbreon & Espeon: These Two just miss out being in my team but not out of my top ten. When these two new evolutions of Eevee were released in gold and Silver Espeon quickly became and intrigal part of my team and a great counter to the ever loved Mewtwo (Which i find overrated) however when pokemon XD for the Gamecube came out i started to become quite fond of Espeons Counterpart Umbreon and it soon became apparent to me that i could never build my dream team eevee without the two, and that umbreon was just as good if not a little better then its sibling. i made sure to make sure my Umbreon (Blizzard) from XD comes with me but sadly like Espeon i just cannot find a place in my current teams for them. don’t worry Cuties you Will always have a place in my heart.

6 Turtwig family: Ever since my first pokèmon game Grass has almost always been my first pokèmon, i know I Started with yellow with the lack of choice but good old Bulbasaur became a great standby pokèmon, however as it soon became apparent up until Turtwig none had the staying power to remain in my team when it came to the final battles and i would never consider them for after game. Torterra became the exception to this rule, great defense and a fantastic move set, this guy was the one to safely remove Dugtrio from my team. with moves like Earthquake, Crunch, Rock slide and Frenzy plant he became invaluable to my team.

5 Snorlax and Blissey:  In my mind these two can be interchangeable. Normal type can be invaluable type in any team often taking lots of tms and hms making getting around the game. These two are some of the best, as i said earlier in this review i like Pokemon with high defense. I have always love Snorlax he is just so fat and happy how could you not love him, plus his move pool can make him an unstoppable force, so why would i pick any other pokèmon? Years ago i worked with Blissey on a whim, and boy did she surprise me, like Snorlax she learns a lot of different moves and she had incredible defense. While she maybe a little slower then Snorlax her ability to recover from such wounds and help her teammates heal makes her incredibly valuable, so that’s why for me having one or the other is a must for my team.

4 Yeah this one surprised me a little too, but i guess you can’t spend 62 levels working with one creature and not grow a little attached. i Started off meeting Deino in Black, knowing i was heading quickly over to black 2 i hatched a new one from the one i caught in the caves and thankfully it was a girl and traded her over with a few others with an eviolite stone and raised her up. By the time i got to the Elite Four Denio had moved to Hydreigon, and became and invaluable member of my team, with dragon and dark as a type mix and the ability to learn other moves to counter i knew from my first encounter with Blacks baddies that this little guy has to be on my team, and so far she has not disappointed. If you run into this little guys give it a chance i know its high evolutions can be intimidating but i promise this one will be worth the effort.

3: Blazikin: Remember how earlier i said almost all my starters were grass types? This guy is the rule breaker.  When generation three was released and i went though the basic three starters, Torchic instantly caught my attention, i fell in in love with that little chic and thus changed my course in this game. Blazikin like Torterra before him has a great move set, his strength and speed make him. With the ability to learn flying moves, as well as fighting and fire makes him one of my fast favorites. i have never been disappointed this pokèmon and I am sure he will continue to hold a strong spot in my team


2: Scizor: Those who know me know I have always been a fan of bugs, both real life and pokèmon, but its Scizor and his Pre-evolution form Scyther have always been favorites of mine. Its no coincidence to me that Scizor became the first one in recent games to make it to level 100, with powerful attacks, speed and with a steel body a good defense to balance him out its no wonder he became a favorite of mine. For me however the selling point was when dark really became a threat, with both psychic and Dark pokèmon so popular in the game, having a good bug was a must. To me there was no other bug i would consider but Scizor, if you have never use him…then what are your waiting for.


1: Those who know me, this one comes as no surprise. Lapras has been in every team since the very first game, to me there has been no other water Pokèmon that even comes close to her. Lapras is a a dragon slayer, bird striker, ground eroder and fire douser since the very beginning. Along with a great defense, she learns a great set of moves, my favorite and most out of the box one is thunder and thunderbolt, making her a deadly threat to other water pokèmon. To give you an idea how much i love this pokèmon, let me give you a short story. For Black 2 i picked the water pokèmon just to break my mold a bit, so i was moving along and the water starter finished evolving a friend told me you could get Lapras in the game in were. i dropped everything i was doing in the game went straight to that area and hunted for Lapras four 5 minutes, soon a female appeared and the two of us were reunited as a force to be reckoned with. Lapras single handily took out the dragon gym. Lapras has time and time again come though for me in tough situations and that is why she will always be my number one pick.


So there you have it my top 10 favorite pokèmon, so the question i pose to you, who are your top ten?


Fyi i want all of the top ten to have mega evolutions. Coming soon my top 10 least favorite pokèmon.


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