i have had my cat blizzard for 12 years now, he is a great cat, and i love him dearly. i have never been as close to a cat as i am to him.

however lately i seem to be fighting a loosing battle. with literately 2 bucks to my name right now i have him facing a heart murmur, mega colon, and undiagnosed but i know he has it, feline hyperesthesia. the problem is for me, is all of this seems to be colliding at once and i am just besides myself on trying to figure out what to do for him with very little to no financial resources. i took him to the vet on monday to help treat his mega colon, since that visit he has been actively attacking his tail, he is at the point that it is bleeding, with no fur at the end of it.

When he was a kitten he used to really go after his tail like this, to the point we had to amputated part of it, now this is no longer an option, he is two old and now has a bad heart. i tried to make a home made collar to keep him from biting the tail, but it wasn’t big enough and not secure enough to keep him from getting it off. i have also tried bandaging the tail, but he always gets it off. i am just exhausted right now, i go to bed every night worried about him, and wake up ever morning the same, all while trying to find a new job and just barely paying my bills.

I just do not know what to do anymore, i feel both helpless and drained from crying all the time, i think i know that i might have to make a choice, it just seems like every time i get something fixed something else go wrong. I just wish i had some guidance.


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