Raising a guppy fry part one

I really wasn’t intending to raise a baby. I really wasn’t. Sure o put the ingredients together but wasn’t expecting a perfect meal…..so how did this all start…lets go back a few months.

With an injury i was out of work, so i had been distracting my self steadly by restoring my fish tank to its former glory. the tank my no means was empty, for years i have had khuli, pygmy cories, danios, tetras and cherry barbs in the tank. I cleaned the inside and out and took a head count of who was still in the tank. a solitary danio and green one eyed tetra, three female barbs and khuli and cories where happy in mini colonies of 7. Now with the tank cleaned up a bit i went off to the fish store and started with a few new danios. This triggered why catastrophy of October an epic die off in the tank, where i would loose two khuli that had been with be for a couple years now, i would also loose a cory as well as a female betta i had tried to introduce. After consulting with the pet store i returned the whole crew of danios and took a break from adding anything more to the tank, until what ever got introduced faded away.

It would be near December when i decided to add a crew of beautiful male guppys to the tank, being the frisky little fish they are i decided to attempt to calm them down i would try three female guppys. The ingredients where now in the tank for babies, but i thought to myself i doubt i would ever see any with four active male guppys three females, plus a host of other fish in the tank, i decided no baby would stand a chance and left it at that. Boy was i wrong.

Earlier this week while checking around the tank doing my daily head count, i discovered this one tiny baby fry huddling in the corner of my tank, some how this little one had managed to outsmart mom and dad and the rest of the tank occupants and was now hiding in the plants for safety….my heart melted, if it survived all that, i had to give it a chance. i quickly grabbed my largest fish net and netted him in without him even knowing and braced the net on top of my in tank heater, giving him a safe place to swim around until i could get him a proper breeding box. Since i had gotten out of the breeding game years ago most of my baby boxes where gone of beyond the acceptable usage point. the net would be safe until payday. I went to the internet and looked up food, and ruled that the betta pellets i gave my new betta CC would likely be the best thing for him since it was high in protein. so i grabbed that an old ice cream bowl and a knife and crushed up the pellets until it was tiny dust like particles, perfect for the mouth of a little guppy fry. He gleefully accepted my offering and thus started my surprise parenthood.

It would be thurday before i could afford do look at breeder boxes for him, i looked at a hang in net, something i have used in the past. its held together with plastic and netting, this is the most basic setup really. i remember not being that impressed with it, it broke easily. My next option was a floating breeder box, that hung on the surface with air bubbles, again in the main tank. I have also used this option, when trying to clean out baby poo or uneaten food i always found this option very unsteady, i can’t tell you how many times i knocked the bubble out sending the whole thing to the bottom of the tank….this is not a good option for me. I moved on to my third option that i found in a local fish store. Something i hadn’t even concidered before, it was a marina Breeding box, this one hung out the outside of the tank, similar to the way filters do. it uses air to pump in water from the tank, into the box and similar to a filter the water also has an exit. it comes with fencing with slits so you can keep you tiny little fry from flowing right out of the box, this thing was perfect. I already had the air pump and the hosing at home. so this was the safest option for my special little guppy.

When i set it up the water intake was right next to the heater, so that the fresh water from the tank it gets will be nice and warm, its been three days now since i place baby in the breeder box and we are both happy about it. the little one gets everything from the big tank without being eaten, i get to take care of a baby fish.

So that is the long tale on how i became an accidental fish mom. For those who are interested i posting link to the Marina hang on breeding box, in my opinion the best option out there for not only surprise baby fish, but may a fish that is sick or injured and needs a quite place to recover in peace.

I plan on posting pictures at the very least on how baby is doing each week. for now this is week one, yeah not very big yet.

week one

week one


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