lost and found.

I lost him, on a early spring morning after watching my best friend of 13 years suffer the night before, i knew it was time to let him go. It was selfish of me keep making him hold on. I loved him, but i knew it was the right thing for him.

deflated blizzard



Blizzard and i had been together since 2002, when my mother brought home three tiny four week old kittens from the church. he was kind of dopey but sweet, he was buddy…no my buby as i would call him. almost every night he would come in with me, he would sleep on the pillow next to my head or at my side. in the morning her would sniff my eye lids or play with the window above my head until i woke up to pet him. when i worked in my office he would do his very best to distract me. with both heart issues and mega colon he relied on me giving him his meds, crushed up and snuck in an extra helping of his food of course. when i came to the front room to work or just chill and watch tv he would sit beside me. he was never really a lap cat, there were times he would sleep on my lap but they were very rare, he preferred and frankly i sort of preferred him sitting next to me, so i could work or play on my laptop. we lived in harmony with one another, he needed me for his food meds and pets, and i very much needed him. having had depression all of my life, and being a little socially withdrawn i need that cat for the love he gave me. i could talk to him and not be judged, and after my accident a little less then a year ago i needed him even more.

He fought on for me, longer then maybe he should. With mega colon he would get backed up and i would have to take him to the vet to be cleaned out. the vet would warn me that eventually i would have to make that descion for him. i told them as long as he fought for me, meaning he ate, he played, he woke me up in the morning, that i would fight for him, and i did just that, until our final night together. he just looked miserable, he didn’t move, when i went to give him his speical food he threw up, and that night was a restless night for us both. I knew that that would be our final night together, and it was. That morning i got up and called the vet, and bought him in early morning. I kissed him and petted him and told him he would not longer be in any pain…and that i loved him with all my heart as he left from this world.

I made a vow that day though, that i would honor my fallen friend by one day saving another life. I waited two months before i finally went looking for a new friend. people would ask me what i was going to get, and i often told me is i would wait for them to pick me, but if i going to be honest, i kind of wanted another black cat, i know the statistics that black cats are least likely to be adopted because of the superstition surrounding them. I also knew i wanted a girl, as much as i loved Blizzard with all my heart, he had some pretty bad habits, spraying being one of them. I really wasn’t looking to get a kitten, i remembered both Blizzard and his brothers kitten years as well as my furry nephew Indy’s kitten days and they were wild. However the universe works in mysterious ways…

I met Arya in a mall, she was in a cage with two other male kittens. the Shelter there was a county shelter what did euthanize. i looked at the adult cats there and the other black cat, made it very clear she was not happy. my mother called me over to the kittens who were wrestling with one another and i watched them for a few minutes. i notice this shy little black kitten in the corner as the two male kittens tussled. the shelter people said that despite all were black, or one was a tuxedo they were not related at all. i picked up the little boy black cat, and all he wanted to do was go back to playmate. then i picked up the girl. She quickly started to purr in my arms, and as i talked to my mom she started to fall asleep. That was it, i was totally in love it her.

Boy did she fool me, i thought she was this quite reserved kitten, turned out she was mearly resting. as soon as she was free she ran, played and explored. She does rest every now and then but she really is quite active. While she shares Blizzards black coat, that’s pretty much where the similarities start and stop. she is without a doubt a bit boulder then blizzard ever was and at a very young age a bold little hunter, the bain of any fly that comes into the house. We have been together for a little under two months, and i look at her, i still miss Blizzard tremendously…but when she is around and she looks at me with her beautiful yellow eyes….they pain of loosing him seems to ache a little less.

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